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New Year – new world for Whitby Jet Set

Posted on: January 10th, 2016 by Kathleen Roberts

Checked in this morning to find that we had made our first sale to the US, via our Whitby Jet Set Etsy shop. We had originally decided not to ship outside the UK – the postage costs were higher, we worried that we couldn’t gurarantee delivery, and so on. But after receiving enquiries from the US, we decided to give it a go and today the first order came in from a lady in New Haven. So 2016 sees us shipping to the New World!

We spent New Year’s Eve on the beach at midnight – though we admit to quaffing champagne rather than jet-hunting. Over the week, we managed to collect a fair amount of jet, some of it in beautiful sea-washed pieces that we shall leave as they are and just polish. Busy times ahead!

Watch this space for news about our new lines of jewellery – we are planning to make stud earrings as well as drop earrings, and some rings as well. We intend to try and retain the natural markings of the jet as far as possible, rather than simply polish these out to produce shiny cabuchon beads that all look the same.  This way every item we make is completely unique – and looks it.

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